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United States
I'm bad at these things...

well i run track and specialize in hurdles and high jump

my future career goal is to be a famous model.. or a amous interior designer

fav food is blueberries and blackberries

I love painting nails...

I cant think of anything else

Favourite photographer: idk
  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: text
  • Watching: my screen
  • Playing: the laptop?
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
I painted the most adorable little snowmen on  my ring fingers, theyre tiny and cute :D though seeing as im far too lazy to post a pic, and the picture i tried taking didnt come out very well anyways, the world shall never know!

I know snowmen are kinda strange for summer, but i was really hot and snowmen are cute,so i put a little winter on my nails :)

i might post the next design i do though, if it comes out nice. i'm either going to do a water marble in the colors of a sunset, or a sunset made by sponging. both designs would of course include a palm tree on either ring finger...

so in other news, 12 days of school left including testss :D

i had to write a critical lens today for english and i didnt finish:/ i skipped the second to last sentence so that i could add the closing sentence...
english can go screw itself
i think after 6th grade english should be optional for ppl who want to be like authors or journalists or something including extensive writing

so yeah just chilling like a villan.

i'm painting my friends nails on tuesday in gym because we have a study hall. she wants cheetah print, which i enjoy doing muchly.

in other news, im painting a painting of grand proportions! its 30 by 40 inches. rather large. if you can't imagine that, imagine a 50 inch tv. its the same size as that lol.

did you know they measure tvs by the diagonal??

i did.

i finished my hw~

im sobored!

Zaiah keeps pestering me:P

bye then

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